Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The minimum age requirement for renting a car is 21 and above.
Singapore-Malaysia Charter Car Service is a customized transportation solution commonly used for travel between Singapore and Malaysia. You can book a private car to suit your travel needs including tours, business trips, family vacations, airport transfers, and more.
The price of a car charter usually varies based on a number of factors, including the distance of your trip, vehicle choice, type of service, and more. Typically, you will receive a quote that includes all costs such as driver fees, car usage, gas, parking, etc.
You can usually choose from different types and sizes of vehicles to suit your needs. Available models include budget 7-seater MPV, luxury 7-seater MPV and comfortable 11-seater MPV. Your choice may affect the price of your charter service.
Yes, you can usually choose the route and stops based on your needs. You can tell our customer service and make a travel plan that suits you.
Yes, the charter services we offer include professional drivers who are familiar with local roads and traffic rules to ensure your safety and comfort.
Before booking a charter, you should understand all costs, cancellation policies, insurance coverage, and the charter company's reputation and reviews.
Yes, you can usually make special requests on your charter, such as baby seats, smoke-free vehicles, guided tours, etc. Make these requests to the service provider at the time of booking.
Our drivers generally communicate with passengers in Chinese, English and Malay.
You can make a reservation on our website. First, click "BOOK NOW" to enter the booking form page. After clicking, fill in the booking form. After successful submission, our customer service will contact you via WhatsApp. Or you can contact our customer service directly through WhatsApp(+60103712335) for inquiries and reservations.
It's best to book your charter at least a day in advance, especially during busy tourist seasons or special events. This ensures that you get a vehicle and driver that you're happy with.
Our customer service will send you the driver information before 10PM the night before departure.
Yes, please indicate the correct number of infants or children in your booking details. The maximum number of passengers allowed in a private car, depending on the vehicle type. Therefore, we can suggest suitable vehicles accordingly.
You can contact our customer service at any time to make changes 24 hours before departure. But whether to accept the revision depends on the charter company.
We do not impose any cancellation fee but would appreciate if you could inform at least 1 – 2 days before your travelling date for any cancellations.
We have 7-seat Toyota Innova, 7-seat Toyota Alphard and 11-seat Hyundai Starex. You can view photos and details of the car on the "Fleet" page.
Yes, please contact our customer service for details and to get a quote. (Please note that when taking Van, Minibus and bus, you need to carry your luggage and get off the bus and go through security check when passing through the border.)
We accept cash, PAYNOW, and credit card payments (+3% handling fee).
Certainly. You can check the prices on this "Pricing" page or WhatsApp us on +60103712335. We will only confirm the booking once we receive your confirmation.
Our prices are calculated per vehicle, not per person.
All fees will be explained to you and listed. The surcharge will be communicated via WhatsApp at the time of enquiry, or after submission of the online booking form.
Yes, please note that there will be an additional charge for each additional pickup location added. (+SGD10 per address)
Yes, please inform us in advance if you have this requirement.
No prepayment is required, just pay the driver upon arrival.
Tipping is optional and depends on whether you enjoy our driver service.
Sometimes due to travel arrangements we may need to send a different vehicle. Don’t worry there won’t be any additional costs. We will upgrade for free.
No need, just sit in the car and wait.
Usually the driver will make a choice based on the traffic condition at the checkpoint. Drivers will choose checkpoints with fewer traffic jams.
It takes about 1.5-2 hours, the specific time depends on traffic conditions.
Eating in the car is not allowed, including snacks and snacks.
We will do our best to arrange a replacement vehicle for you, which will usually arrive at a nearby location within an hour.
No, it's usually a different driver. Accurate driver information will be sent to you before 10PM the day before departure.
Yes, our drivers are familiar with various tourist attractions and local delicacies and will introduce them to you when chartering a car. You can also communicate with our customer service in advance when booking, or browse our BLOG for introductions to many delicious foods and attractions.
Yes, we also provide airport transfer services to facilitate travelers from the airport to their destination or from their destination to the airport.
No, but you need to provide us with the correct Flight Number in advance so that the driver can check your flight arrival time. (If the delay is not caused by flight delay, we will charge extra.)
The driver will contact you via WhatsApp upon arrival at the airport. The driver will pick you up at the airport “Arrival pickup point”.
We recommend traveling at least 5 hours in advance of your flight/ferry departure time to avoid any unexpected incidents.
Yes, we understand your concerns. But we will buffer more time in case something unexpected happens. You can choose a later departure time, but please note that we cannot be held responsible for any missed ferries/flights.
Yes. Please notify us of any changes ASAP. Please contact us as soon as you are notified of an itinerary change so that we have enough time to reschedule your transfer.
We strongly recommend that you make a reservation in advance. However, last-minute bookings are also welcome, but please note that this may require some waiting time to arrange the vehicle.
Yes, you can request a child seat (additional cost). If you choose to bring your own, please also notify our customer service in advance to ensure that the vehicle is suitable for your family's needs.
Yes, generally our vehicles are smoke-free. But you can also make special requests to us.
Yes, please explain to us if necessary
Yes, you can request receipts or invoices from our staff.
Yes, we offer various types of charter services. For special charter prices, please contact us on WhatsApp for inquiries and quotations.
No, we provide car charter services throughout Singapore and West Malaysia, not just Johor Bahru.
You don't need to share a car with others, it will be your private space, and there will be no other strangers in the car except the driver.
Kindly note it is a requirement in Singapore. We do provide child car seat (up to 18kg only) with additional SGD10 each way. We could arrange for 1 child seat per trip due to limited seats available or do suggest to bring your car seats along for the journey.
Kindly note it is a requirement in Singapore. We do provide booster seat (18kg to 36kg or below 1.35m) with additional SGD10 each way. We could arrange for 3 booster seat per trip due to limited seats available or do suggest to bring your booster seats along for the journey.
Kindly remark for either Toyota Innova or Toyota Alphard. Only these 2 vehicles have 3-point seatbelts.
Tips for apply Visa On Arrival (VOA):

• Usually takes about 1-2 hour.
• Counter VOA operating 24 hours
• RM200/pax
• Additional SGD 30 as waiting charge at VOA office for the journey.
From 15th April 2022, fully vaccinated Singapore residents and long-term pass holders arriving via the land checkpoints will no longer need to submit the health declaration via the SG Arrival Card.
Yes, but please dismantle front bicycle wheels to enable bicycle to fit inside the vehicle. Kindly provide dimensions for us to quote type of vehicle for the journey.
Yes, all passengers are covered under vehicle insurance.